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Is there mercy for me?- Tommy Hanrahan


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Is there mercy for me?- by Tommy Hanrahan and Ralph Turner. One Man’s Journey from Guns and Gangs to a God of Grace.

  • Size: 14x21cm, 157 pages
  • Softback cover
  • Publisher Malcolm Down Publishing Limited, 2023
  • ISBN- 9781915046710

From the streets to the pulpit, this is the remarkable story of a man who cried for mercy. And was heard. Abused as a child, Tommy had the hardest of starts. And it didn’t get any better. Guns, gangs and drugs became the centre points of a life rapidly falling apart. Discover the incredible journey of Tommy, from a life of crime to finding grace, in this heartwarming and powerful tale of redemption.

“What an amazing testimony of how Jesus can find us in absolute brokenness and despair and save us so completely.”

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